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Wedding Photographer in London


We are the wedding photographer in London, whom people come to when they would rather spend their wedding day with their friends and family than spending hours posing for pictures. Who want the sort of pictures that will portray pure love, memories and laughter. Who spend more time thinking about how to put on the greatest party to celebrate their friends and family than finding the exact shade of bridesmaid ribbons.

We are the Wedding videographer in London, whom people come when they want to relive the wedding day again and again, fall in love again, cry again, laugh again together. We love to capture the Wedding venues, the little decoration and the Wedding shoes, rings, the Wedding cake but more then that we like to Photograph people, the Wedding guests, Parents, friends and Families and best of all the Magical Romantic Moments, the bottomless happiness of a Wedding day. So when we put together the Special magic moment with friend and families with You in the middle, tells the story of your best day with Sunshine and Laughter..

And don’t worry if you are camera shy, we know how to bring out that natural laughter, you will feel relaxed and comfortable dealing with our Wedding Photographer in London and Wedding videographer in London. We will capture the day as un-obstructively as we can, its helps you to relax with friends and family and also give us the opportunity to capture more and more natural photos/videos of yours and your families. With the Wedding Photography and/or Wedding Videography, what we are doing is Saving beautiful Memories, freezing the happiness forever in a frame.

We are the Video production company people come to when you do not want to worry about anything in the Wedding Day, so you can relax and laugh, have a great time with your friends and families. Enjoy the food and the drinks. Leave the management to us, we will deal with the behind the scene, and manage everything. Along with Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography We work with multiple venue, Catering company, Wedding Decorator and DJs to provide the full service for your Big day, a Complete Service.

We are Wedding Photographers in London and Wedding Cinematographers in London By Diamond Studios.